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your neighbor market for New items Only


  •  December 2021 ~ April 2022 (18 weeks)


  • Figma, Adobe Photoshop/Illustration


  • Solo student project for Springboard UX Certificate

  • Conduct user Interviews, create user persona, design wireframes and  prototypes using Figma, and test the ux usability


Shopping Return is painful to customers and also to the environment.

Thanks to the fast-paced and convenient world, everything now can work with one click — e-commerce. Online shopping can be done in minutes, even seconds. And free return policy even makes shopping more toxic to the customer culture, and the environment. 

How Might We

How might we create a less returns shopping system and further educate the new generation by targeting the local community?

In the How Might We question, I am hoping to narrow the scope done to focus on the new generation and local community to figure out the solution of "less returns shopping experience".

The Solution

A Local Flea Market event for *NWT items only

*NWT: New with Tags

ammi is a LA outdoor social buying and selling event, featuring NWT items only and local pop-up shops, for the community who would love to explore the varsity of fashion by getting rid of their unreturned NWT items, because ammi will provide a unique in-person fashion trading experience.

Imagine you have one white t-shirt that you would love to return but think of shipping it back, that giant but empty return box, and printing another shipping label?  Too complicated! By providing a local buying and selling event for un-return goods, I hope this event will reduce the shipping return and build a community that raises sustainability awareness. During the ammi event, you can sell/exchange your items, hang out with friends, meet new friends who have similar tastes, and learn more about your local shops!

Book a local event

Provide both map and list view guiding the audience quickly sign up and get tickets for the event!

Find your fashion soulmate 

With an easy questionnaire asking what your clothing color palette and favorite brands are, ammi helps you identify your fashion soulmate in seconds!

Build the community

After meeting your fashion soulmate, ammi provided a chat platform for you to start an opportunity for your NWT items find the next owner. 

White Paper Research

Biggest opportunity/challenge for fashion = more return wastes

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 11.36.29 PM.png

After researching, I began to draw a connection line between fashion and return waste. And interestedly what McKinsey states as the biggest challenge and opportunity for the fashion industry both make the environment worse.

*resource : Opotoro 

I also researched the shopping habits of the New Generation (Gen-Z), and what makes Gen Z unique and different from the other generations. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 11.43.19 PM.png

User interview + insights 

None of my interviewees believed in shopping while having sustainability in mind. 


In my interview process, I have 5 participants between the ages of 24 to 27 who shop for fashion items more than once a month. I asked questions about sustainability and their online shopping/return habits to determine how they shop and why they return items.

Research Questions:

  • Tell me about your most recent purchase

  • Can you use three adjectives to describe yourself as an online clothing customer?

  • How long does it take for you to decide whether to buy the item or not? And what motivates you to make the decision?


Based on analyzing my affinity map, I noticed that when my interviewee is shopping, he or she cares about:

Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 1.00.20 PM.png




  • Love shopping online because it is less time-consuming.

  • A package without a return label included is a red flag.

  • The only positivity about in-store shopping is that you can feel the material of items.

  • Reviews can help interviewees better determine the quality of products.

  • Interviewees wouldn’t care about sustainability unless their friends brought it out.

  • Although returning in-store is a pain, some interviewees enjoy the time shopping with friends in-store.

Shopper Persona

Think first or shop first? 

Based on the previous five interviews, I analyzed their shopping habits, and  I created the persona of two types of shoppers: Thinking Shoppers and Intuition Shopper.

Thinking Shoppers think before shopping, while intuitive shoppers shop before thinking.

[Thinking Shopper]

If you usually read reviews before finalizing your shopping cart, you are a Thinking Shopper!​

[Intuitive Shopper]


If you usually order the same items more than once in different sizes, you are an Intuition Shopper!

Design process

Clean + a sense of warm farmer market vibe 

[Userflow & Wireframe]

Before the prototype, I decided to do a userflow to set my red route, a wireframe to show the structure of the app, and wireflow to have an overview of what the project will look like.

[Branding & Design System]

Why name it ammi? Because I want to have a vibe of friendly, earthly, and cheerful. And I actually went to a farmer's market and looked for inspiration, and this is the first time I meet a flower with a light but pleasant scent named Ammi. The owner of the shop said it often symbolized the warmth of the friendship. At that moment, I knew that I found the perfect name for the app! 

When I look for inspiration for building a brand, I love to have a mood board, because it comes really handy later on for brand name, logo, color palette, and icon design. The tone of the brand is bold, loving, and inviting.


Testing + Iteration

3 major improvements

For the usability testing, I asked my participant to try their best to speak their mind, concerns, and question during the task. I asked them to do these three tasks:

  • Imagine you are looking to join an ammi event by arranging the event list based on the distance

  •  After that, you are interested in the ammi event at Santa Monica. And you got a message from Jasmine. Look at her profile, and find what kind of items that she is interested in.

  •  Find out that what she wants is what you have. Text her back what you are going to bring to the event (a black floral dress).

After two rounds of usability testing and iterations, a total of 10 participants, I have 3 significant improvements in my design:

[Addtional feature]

During my testing, I found out that my participants were a bit lost when I was them to "join the event." They were confused with the "heart button," which meant showing interest in the event instead of joining it. So I added a feature of "get the ticket," which has a direct message to the audience indicating that you will need a ticket to participate in an event, making the user flow clearer.

[Redesign icon]

Participants also had difficulty attaching the items. Although they could achieve the task, they were unsure what that icon was; they thought it was a sent button. Therefore, I redesigned the attachment icon, and moved the left taking the inspiration from Instagram (one of favorite apps for my target audience — the New Generation). Instead of the small airplane icon, I used a plus sign + to indicate the "attaching" feature. And moving to the left showed that it works for the second round of testing! Participants had a better idea of what the attachment icon is.

[Rename the section]

I was ambitious; I tried to make the naming as playful as possible. But unfortunately, my participants did not quite get that message during the usability testing. So I changed the name to a more straightforward name — "my items," which I also used in the attachment section. 

Final Prototype

Final thoughts + Future steps

Embrace the changes!

For my first UX project, I am very satisfied and proud of my work!


During this process, I have four main takeaways:


1. have better time management by setting a due date ahead

2. get a quick response from potential participants through short but informational emails (bullet points!)

3. how to tell a good story or case study by practicing presenting to people who have never heard of my project

4. be open mind! Open for changes and prepare for the non-stop iterating which makes design beautiful and meaningful


If I had more time, I wish I could:

1. build a compelling design system with illustrations or even collaborate with my designer friends! 

2. create a dark mode version (I would love to give it a try!)